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Local Business Internet Marketing: Why It’s Now Essential for Local Business Survival and Success

Local business Internet marketing is becoming crucial to the success of many local businesses; the old slogan “Think globally but act locally” pertains more to consumer practices now than it ever did to activism or any other cause to which it may have once been applied. It is clear that consumer behavior has shifted to now using the internet more than any other method to locate goods and other needed services.

Today, a consumer’s purchasing journey often does not begin with a trip to Main Street or the mall, or even with the phone directory, but rather it begins with online search. Local business Internet marketing and advertising are crucial because it places the businesses message right where consumers are searching, and more importantly, the message is seen at the exact time that the customer is most likely to respond.

Efficient local business Internet marketing should aim to build loyalty among Internet users who find the business online through internet search, by appearing as an authority in that particular area, and pointing out the advantages of dealing with that particular enterprise. Often offering an incentive to sign-up to a newsletter, so as to capture that particular visitors information for future marketing efforts is a great idea as well.

Even if a consumer can purchase something online for a slightly lower price, they are more apt to want to buy it locally in order to avoid shipping delays and perhaps not have to deal with using a credit card online.

Local business Internet marketing is crucial even for local businesses such as hair salons and automotive service centers that do not compete against online retailers. This is because for many consumers, the Internet has replaced the phone directory as the most comfortable and efficient place to find a local business or required service. The trend toward searching online is massive, and is only likely to grow further in the years to come. Here, too, internet offers such as downloadable coupons and web only specials are ideal tools to entice and retain customers. Of course proper Search Engine Optimization and a well thought out Search Engine Marketing Plan are needed to ensure that your local business Internet advertising will be noticed and acted upon by your potential and existing customers.

Therefore, any local business which ignores the potential of Internet marketing does so at its own peril and will clearly lose customers to their local competitors who do harness the power of the Internet for locally oriented online advertising. Businesses which take the time and effort to invest in search engine optimization and proper management of their website will get the most out of their efforts, because their advertisements will be found first in online search, and be considered more authoritative, with the effect of being an updated and magnified version of the bold Yellow Pages ads of old.

Many Web design and marketing firms specialize in local business Internet marketing/advertising, and the best choice is often a firm that is located in the same area as the client itself, especially as a synergy between client and service provider could extend further, considering that both are businesses located in the same area but providing completely different services. A local service provider is likely to be more familiar with the language, customs and particular areas that need to be targeted. Nevertheless, with so much information about any locale available online, and with any astute business owner knowing that it is his own responsibility to provide guidance to any marketing provider, a local business Internet advertising client could find professional and highly cost efficient service even from a provider located many time zones away from their business.

The key to hiring an online marketing consultant or company is choosing one with experience and one that has implemented previously successful campaigns at a reasonable cost. Of course, someone who is just starting out may also be a good choice if they can demonstrate a successful case study, because they may be willing to do the job at a much lower price and with far more enthusiasm to please the client in order to begin to build their reputation.

Does The Article Topic Really Matter When Doing Local Business Article Marketing?

Writing articles for local business article marketing is a bit different than writing articles for a website that is not tied to any location.

When you are writing articles for a local business, your main keywords will include your city. It is awfully hard to write every article on your topic and also having to legitimately do with your city.

Many people try to do this, and their articles end up declined on the publisher level. You see, in order to include your city in your article title and the article body, the article must provide information that specifically applies to that city.

For example, if you have an article entitled “How To Buy A House In Miami, Florida”, the article must specifically deal with buying a house in Miami and would not include tips that apply to any location on the planet.

You may be able to come up with a few articles that are specific to your location and your niche, but very quickly you will run out of topics.

That is okay and nothing to worry about why?

Because your goal with article marketing is for your website to get a higher ranking in Google, and it is the link in your resource box (with your location specific keyword terms forming the link) that tells Google what your website is about and influences your search engine ranking.

So, I always tell local business owners not to worry about trying to get your location in the article body and title just write on your general niche and then use your location specific keywords in the resource box, making sure that you use your keywords as anchor text for the link.

Recently I received an interesting question on this topic, and I thought it would be worthwhile to cover in an article:

“If article marketing is really about getting links from the resource box, then does it matter what the article itself is about? For example, if I am a London dentist, would it not work just as well for me to write articles about London theater and then have a resource box that uses the keywords ‘London dentist’?”

Great question does the article topic really matter when doing local business article marketing.

Most certainly yes! Why?

1 – Context Matters:

When Google is looking at the link going to your website, it looks at all the content on the web page. The context in which the link to your website is found increases the significance (the importance) of the link.

So, a link using the words ‘London dentist’ will make much more sense to Google if it is found on a page containing information about dentistry than about the theater.

Always write on your general niche!

2 – Remember you are writing for humans, first and foremost.

Now, imagine that someone interested in London theater finds your article and loves it. They look at the resource box to learn more about the author and see where they can find more information about this topic, and what do they find?

Information about London dentists! What?

What are the odds that a person interested in the theater would feel compelled to click the link in that resource box going to the dentist’s website? Pretty low I imagine.

The lesson: Don’t waste your chance to get a direct click-through from your article. You are hoping to attract people who are interested in your niche, so you must write articles that are on that topic.

Always write for your target readers!

Doing local business article marketing is not hard. You just need to make a little strategy adjustment to how you write. Writing on your general topic (rather than on your city and your topic) will help you write articles more easily. The easier it is for you to come up with writing topics on your niche, the more likely you will be to maintain your article submissions over the long term, which is a necessary ingredient to article marketing success.

Remember, always write on your general niche and leave the location specific keywords for your resource box. It will pay off in the end!

7 Reasons Why People Don’t Succeed in Internet Business and How to Avoid Them

So what are the seven reasons why people don’t succeed in internet business? A lot of people pursue the dream of becoming an entrepreneur and starting their own internet business completely unaware of the obstacles they may face. There are things that people do (or even don’t do) they get them hung up so they can’t move forward and get the success they really want. Fortunately, we’ve seen these ‘hang ups’ and have some solutions how to avoid these very common failures.


Many people say that they start an internet business because they want to make more money so they can buy nicer things, but it’s important to know specifically why you want to start an internet business. If you are going to leave your job and do something on your own, it’s important to know what your ‘definite major purpose’ is – the reason why you do what you do and what fulfills you. You will hit obstacles as you work your internet business, and if you don’t know why you’re doing it, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns or just quit altogether. How to avoid this reason for failure? Create your definite major purpose. You want to know what will fulfill you other than just the money.


When you are first getting interested in something, you get all excited about it and you begin to devour information left and right. You’re reading tons of books, joining email newsletters, and absorbing all the information you can. It’s good to begin out this way, but it’s important to know when to turn that off so you don’t get too distracted. This can be detrimental to your long-term progress. What is ultimately going to move you forward is focus, so pick one system and stick to it. For example, if your site is not even up yet there is no need to focus on getting traffic to it. How to avoid this reason for failure? Three great questions to ask yourself about knowing which person/system to pick are: does the the author of the system actually do what they teach, do you trust and identify with the person selling the system, and could they duplicate their success today?


As quickly as possible you need to get proof to your mind that you can do something and that something works. Even it’s just small bits of success at a time, you need to start getting that as soon as possible. Don’t remain in the ‘afraid to act’ mode because you as long as you’re in ‘learning’ mode you can’t fail. But the truth is you’re not acting and that kind of proof you need by acting is invaluable to finding motivation. An example would be reading ten blogs in one day and accounting that for getting something done. This is not actually getting results, the question is what did you do with that information? How to avoid this reason for failure? Act fast and take consistent action.


Two excuses that come up often are ‘I don’t have the time,’ or ‘I don’t have the money.’ When those statements are made, they usually are excuses which really mean that the internet business is not a priority to them. We understand that those who have priorities in order may make an educated statement about the lack of time and money, but we are talking about when those statements are used for excuses and rattled off almost instantaneously when questioned about their business. In that case instead of it being a business, it becomes more like a hobby. When their internet business is truly a priority, you will find that other things will get put on hold or sacrificed so the business takes precedence. How to avoid this reason for failure? Decide what your priorities are and make sacrifices accordingly.


Sometimes as entrepreneurs, we feel very self-sufficient and independent. We want to do our own thing and we tend to think of ourselves as mavericks. Many entrepreneurs say, “Oh, I’ll just figure it out myself, I’ve got to understand it all myself.” You need to remember you are going to pay for the success one way or another, so the quickest way to success is to pay for it in terms of finding the right training, the right people, finding somebody who can mentor you. You can literally spend years trying to figure out how to do it the hard way, so putting the money forth up front to make that happen can really shortcut the process. How to avoid this reason for failure? Find someone who’s arrived at the destination you want to reach and get their guidance on how to arrive there.


When it comes to business and entrepreneurship, marketing is everything. Many good marketers still have a lot of things they don’t know how to do – they may not even know how to put up a website, but they have plenty of people to help them with that. But they are still good marketers. Marketing skills are what are going to determine the amount of money you can make in your business so it will be a worthwhile investment to expand your marketing skills. Even in uncertain economic times, your business can still thrive because money will keep flowing, and you’ll be able to adapt much better to place yourself in the flow of money because your messages will be put in front of the right people. You should spend 80%-90% of your time working on your business on marketing. How to avoid this reason for failure? Become a regular student of masterful marketing and study the best marketers.


Building your list and getting that group of loyal customers and prospects who look to you as a trusted advisor should be number one in your internet business. You should get your email list sign-up up and running so that you can get that group of loyal customers who look to you as a trusted advisor. Think about what your email opt in offer is going to be right up front. How are you going to attract people to your business and get them to raise their hand to say they are interested in what you have to offer? This is where all the equity in your business comes from. How to avoid this reason for failure? The moment you start your business, start collecting email addresses and names right away.